The Best Innovative Covers For Cars

There are many different types of covers for cars you can purchase today, but not all of these products are created equal. One of the most common products purchased in this industry is the universal cover. This product is designed to fit all types of cars, but there are many newly released and highly innovative covers on the market that are likely a better fit for your vehicle.

For instance, a universal cover may definitely fit your vehicle, but it will not provide the perfect fit you are looking for. Special features included in some products found in this industry go above and beyond convenience by effectively stopping environmental threats from damaging vehicles. A product that perfectly fits your vehicle can also ensure your cover stays in place after you have put it on to make it easier to use.

Along with models that are perfectly shaped for your car, there are also models with special materials that offer car owners more protection for their vehicles. For instance, multilayered products are available today. Multilayered sheets can better protect your vehicle from scratches while also providing much more protection against sun rays.

There are even models designed to stop threats found in specific types of environments as well. Waterproof and storm proof products can provide your vehicle with a tremendous amount of protection against the nastiest weather conditions. These products are commonly designed to stay in place under extremely windy conditions too.

Perfectly fitting models are designed to meet the needs of car owners with specific types of vehicles. These products often have the same shape as specific types of vehicles to ensure they fit snugly. As a result, these products can protect vehicles much more effectively than alternative models that could potentially fall off.

There are also many highly innovative cover designs available today. For instance, inflatable covers that allow for car owners to protect their vehicles without having to brush coarse fabrics over their smooth painted surfaces can be purchased. These products are also often able to thoroughly protect vehicles from water damage due to their waterproof designs as well.

There are even some products designed to cover only the most important aspects of your car. These models can keep the interior space of your car cool in the hottest of conditions. The newest innovative car covers on the market have some of the best features in the industry and they can provide your vehicle with a tremendous amount of protection.

A Review of the Access Lorado Performance Truck Bed Cover

Built as a low-profile improvement on its flagship Access Roll-Up tonneau cover, the Access Lorado pickup truck bed cover boasts many of the same must-have features like all-aluminum construction, roll-up round bows and an ultraviolet-resistant, double-coated vinyl fabric tarp. The tarp stays flexible in any weather, right down to 40° below zero – which means no “white-knuckle” closing strain. Add in their exclusive XT-Dial tension adjusters that affords you trampoline-tight hand-tuning, and you’ve got an assembly of unique features.

This particular tonneau cover also keeps your cargo secure and protected from the elements with its manual slide lock, automatic latching system and proprietary element seal weather blocker. Best yet, the cover boasts a lifetime warranty.

Features and Benefits

The Lorado truck bed cover was designed to offer a large dose of style, performance and protection. Custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your truck bed with a low-profile, long-lasting all-aluminum frame design, the cover employs a premium vinyl tarp that’s double-coated, polyester-infused and protected from harmful ultraviolet rays to stay flexible in the winter and tough in the summer – from 40°F below to over 110°F.

A proprietary tension adjustment feature lets you control the tarp’s tension or tautness with the simple turn of a dial -unlike inferior competitor’s spring-loaded designs. This in itself is a step above other soft covers. Access chose to employ a driver’s side automatic latching system that secures the cover closed with a distinct latching sound and opens with an easy pull cord. The cover locks closed to protect your cargo using a passenger’s side manual slide latch, securing the tail of the cover. The manufacturer’s exclusive seals at the tailgate and cab provide maximum weather protection for your cargo. Rip-resistant properties of the tarp itself make cutting or tearing the cover open virtually impossible. Camouflaged side seals sit at a smooth, sleek, less-obtrusive, 39° tapered angle, compared to 66° on most other covers. Dual integrated straps keep the rolled tarp safe and secure behind the cab when hauling large loads.

The Access Lorado pickup cover will accommodate most bed rails, bed caps, tailgate protectors, under-the-rail bed liners and tie downs. Did we miss anything? Custom-designed, model-specific clamps, heavy-duty hardware and easy-to-understand instructions make the Lorado tonneau cover a quick and easy 15-minute, no-drill installation for most vehicles. Also, this particular tonneau cover is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Gardening Under Cover – Protect Your Plants With Cloches

Gardeners have used coverings to protect plants and to extend the growing season for centuries.

These coverings can be as elaborate as heated glass greenhouses, or as simple as a plastic bag supported over a single plant. Temporary shelters are known as cloches, and can be almost any size or shape.

Sheltering your plantings offers protection in four different ways:

  1. Trapping heat with the greenhouse effect. The sun’s rays have radiant energy that becomes heat energy when it strikes the soil under cover. This warmth accelerates the growth of the plants.
  2. Protection from damaging rain. Heavy spring rains can compact the soil surface and wash seeds out of their soil covering. Wet conditions also encourage rot and disease, and can even rot germinating seeds.
  3. Protection from frost. By covering plantings in early spring and late fall, there is less transfer of the heat in the soil to the surrounding nighttime cool air, so plants do not freeze.
  4. Protection from winds. Winds can damage plants by knocking them over or breaking stems. It also chills them. A covering will deflect damaging winds.

Any material that transmits light can be used to make a plant protector. The original cloches (the French word for bell) resembled glass bells, and each one sheltered a single plant.

Today, we have many possibilities – plastic containers with bottoms removed, recycled windows, supported plastic sheets, or commercially made cloches. One of the most efficient and useful cloches can be easily made to cover an entire raised planting bed, thus functioning as a mini greenhouse.

Coverings that you make yourself have three main advantages:

  • They are low cost.
  • They are easy to build and move.
  • They can be made to a desired size.

Here is how to make a lightweight portable cloche that is both economical and reusable:

From sections of 2X2 lumber, make a rectangular frame 4 feet by 6 feet, screwed and braced on the 4 corners. Drill a 1 inch hole in each corner, but not all the way through. Insert two ten foot lengths of three quarter inch PVC pipe into the corner holes, and across diagonally, so they form an arched framework crossing in the center, much like a tent frame.

Now, lay a 6 mil poly sheet over the framework, and staple it snugly along the 6 foot sides first. Then snug it along the other two sides, and staple. You’ll need to fold over the excess at the corners, sort of like how you gift wrap a box. Staple it down, and cover the staples on all four sides with duct tape. Trim off any excess plastic from the bottom.

This lightweight device can be set over a raised bed, over a grouping of plants, or even over a freshly seeded area. You can easily lift it off for watering and weeding, or lift and support one side up for ventilation.

Build this simple cloche, and use your ingenuity to design and create others to fit your needs. With just a little expense and a bit of carpentry skill, you can add months to your gardening pleasure.