How to Create a Biotechnology Cover Letter

There are some basic things to be kept in mind while designing a biotech cover letter.

Firstly, you should have complete knowledge about the organization or the pharmaceuticals, about the desired post and things like what will be your work over there. All these are the basic information which you should know. In other words, prepare yourself before designing a cover letter.

Now give a good start to the cover letter by giving a bold headline to your letter. Headline should be in bulleted font, clearly written & at the centre of the page.

Then, do address the letter directly to an actual person handling the interview session. Make a call to the company & know the Hiring manager’s name. It will give personal look to your letter rather than just writing Sir/Madam. Make sure to include all those points in your biotech cover letter which the employer wants to see.

Give a solid purpose for joining the organization e.g.: “To grab the post of Genetic engineer in the research field of Recombinant DNA Technology & Chromatography in an esteemed organization BHABHA Atomic research centre. Here I can make the best use of my creative skills & talents and could expand my potentials.”

Mention your educational qualification & your specialization e.g. In the field of Recombinant DNA Technology, Chromatography, Immunology, Stem cell research, Molecular biology. Do mention your additional skills like communicational skills & computer’s knowledge, creative attitude, problem solving nature & leadership qualities, efficiency to work under pressurized environment. Also list the certificates & awards you achieve in biotech field. Specify the researches & analysis made in the laboratory experimenting in field of biotech. e.g. I have my research assignment on Genetic disorders & how DNA pairing helps in bacterial cloning.

Give your working experience in biotech e.g. I had working experience of 2 years in ABC pharmaceuticals; where I contributed in ‘Antibiotic role in curing Genetic disorders.

While ending the letter it should clearly reveals your expectations & interest. Do end the letter like this-

“This is my contact no.____, I am available on week days_____to ____time. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you in person about my career possibilities with advanced Biotics. Enclosure:-Resume, educational documents, experience certificate if any. Thanking you.