A Review of the Access Lorado Performance Truck Bed Cover

Built as a low-profile improvement on its flagship Access Roll-Up tonneau cover, the Access Lorado pickup truck bed cover boasts many of the same must-have features like all-aluminum construction, roll-up round bows and an ultraviolet-resistant, double-coated vinyl fabric tarp. The tarp stays flexible in any weather, right down to 40° below zero – which means no “white-knuckle” closing strain. Add in their exclusive XT-Dial tension adjusters that affords you trampoline-tight hand-tuning, and you’ve got an assembly of unique features.

This particular tonneau cover also keeps your cargo secure and protected from the elements with its manual slide lock, automatic latching system and proprietary element seal weather blocker. Best yet, the cover boasts a lifetime warranty.

Features and Benefits

The Lorado truck bed cover was designed to offer a large dose of style, performance and protection. Custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your truck bed with a low-profile, long-lasting all-aluminum frame design, the cover employs a premium vinyl tarp that’s double-coated, polyester-infused and protected from harmful ultraviolet rays to stay flexible in the winter and tough in the summer – from 40°F below to over 110°F.

A proprietary tension adjustment feature lets you control the tarp’s tension or tautness with the simple turn of a dial -unlike inferior competitor’s spring-loaded designs. This in itself is a step above other soft covers. Access chose to employ a driver’s side automatic latching system that secures the cover closed with a distinct latching sound and opens with an easy pull cord. The cover locks closed to protect your cargo using a passenger’s side manual slide latch, securing the tail of the cover. The manufacturer’s exclusive seals at the tailgate and cab provide maximum weather protection for your cargo. Rip-resistant properties of the tarp itself make cutting or tearing the cover open virtually impossible. Camouflaged side seals sit at a smooth, sleek, less-obtrusive, 39° tapered angle, compared to 66° on most other covers. Dual integrated straps keep the rolled tarp safe and secure behind the cab when hauling large loads.

The Access Lorado pickup cover will accommodate most bed rails, bed caps, tailgate protectors, under-the-rail bed liners and tie downs. Did we miss anything? Custom-designed, model-specific clamps, heavy-duty hardware and easy-to-understand instructions make the Lorado tonneau cover a quick and easy 15-minute, no-drill installation for most vehicles. Also, this particular tonneau cover is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.